I pride myself on being the best rat control specialists in the state of Florida. My prices are fair, My work is extremely professional, prompt, and thorough, and I guarantee that I will solve your rodent problem permanently. Click here to learn more about my company and philosophy.

About Me - The Rat Trapper

About: My name is Brendan, and I am the owner and operator of Orlando Rat Exterminator. I love rat control work, as well as removal of other critters from buildings and attics. Here are some of my credentials:
  • Over five years of rat control experience.
  • Fully licensed by the FL Wildlife Comission and Department of Agriculture.
  • Fifteen years experience with professional home repairs.
  • Attic cleanup and decontaminant specialist.
  • I always answer the phone, listen to your problem, schedule timely appointments, and arrive on time.
  • I treat my customers the way I'd like to be treated.
Please call me any time to discuss your rat problem in Orlando.

I have a lifetime of experience in zoology and wildlife study, as well as construction and home repair. The combination of these skills, along with my dedication, make me uniquely suited to solving rat problems. I believe in treating everyone fairly and with respect, just as I'd like to be treated.

Orlando rat exterminator specializes in rodent control, but also performs other wildlife removal services. I primarily remove animals from attics of homes. This can include not only rats, but other Orlando rodents, such as mice. There isn't as much Orlando mouse extermination as there are rats, but mice do exist in FL. I also remove Orlando squirrels and Orlando raccoon from attics with the same care and expertise as I use for rats - find the entry holes, seal them shut, trap and remove the animals. I am very humane to wildlife, and I won't rest until your problem is solved correctly. Not all Orlando exterminater companies are the same. Please call me at 407-641-0840 with any questions you have.
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