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Rat Extermination Prices

Of course you care about the cost of the rat control service. We are very conscious of cost concerns, and provide an excellent bargain. It's important to know, before you worry about the exact price, that no two rat control jobs are the same and much more importantly than that, not all rat control companies are the same. Our prices are significantly less than those of nearly all other Orlando extermination companies, and our work is the best, and we are the best long-term value for the investment you've put into your home or building. You can hire a cheap company that promises poisoning for a low quarterly rate - but the problem will continue forever. You can also hire many other wildlife removal companies, many of whom will quote a cheap price on the phone, and then - surprise! - the cost is thousands once they inspect your house. I've done the best possible work on hundreds of Orlando homes and buildings, often at one fifth the cost of the bigger greedy companies.

Okay, so what's the cost? An $89 service fee will be charged for the initial service visit. This includes:

  • Full inspection of the home, from ground to roof, and identification of all open points of entry.
  • Full inspection of the attic, including identification of rat population, damage to wires if any, and level of contamination if any.
  • The setting of many, often dozens, of rat traps stategically inside your attic.
No two jobs are the same. After we have inspected the building and found the areas that need repair, we will give you a written price for the repairs. We will give you a quote to clean the attic if it is contaminated. We will show you photos (on the LCD screen of the camera) of the damage and any mess in the attic. Simple jobs, with just a few small entry holes are very inexpensive. Large jobs that require significant repairs and/or attic cleaning will be more, but you will be quoted of course before any work begins.

We want you to have the confidence that we are very fair and reasonable with our prices, and always strive to charge less than our competitors, while providing the absolute best level of quality in our work.

Orlando rat exterminator specializes in rodent control, but also performs other wildlife removal services. I primarily remove animals from attics of homes. This can include not only rats, but other Orlando rodents, such as mice. There isn't as much Orlando mouse extermination as there are rats, but mice do exist in FL. I also remove Orlando squirrels and Orlando raccoon from attics with the same care and expertise as I use for rats - find the entry holes, seal them shut, trap and remove the animals. I am very humane to wildlife, and I won't rest until your problem is solved correctly. Not all Orlando exterminater companies are the same. Please call me at 407-641-0840 with any questions you have.
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