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Orlando Exterminator - Squirrels in the Attic

Although we are rat specialists, squirrel control is very similar. However, squirrel removal is easier than rat removal. Suirrels usually chew open one or two large entry points, which are easy to find and fix. Also, squirrels can be excluded, without harm, via one-way doors and funnels, unlike shy rats. And squirrels tend to make less of a mess.
  • Female squirrels love to live in Orlando attics - it's a safe place for them to raise their young twice a year, in late winter and summer.
  • Squirrels are rodents, and thus they chew.
  • Sometimes we do squirrel removal via exclusion, sometimes we trap and relocate the critters.
What problems do squirrels cause? They make a lot of noise up in the attic. People usually hear the noise in the morning and evening. When the mama squirrel has babies in February or August, they grow quickly, and within just a few weeks, they are running about. Most people call about squirrels in September and March. The sqirrels stay in the attic until they are fully grown. If the problem is not addressed, the mother squirrel (or one of her offspring if she dies) will just use the same attic again for the next litter of babies. And don't forget - squirrels are expert chewers. They often chew on electrical wires, causing a fire hazard. They also bring in a lot of nesting material.

What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) squirrel: No matter how hard you try, some squirrels are just too curious and may never get trapped. Squirrels in the attic for instance are difficult to trap , especially when they have nested and are even raising their young babies inside. If you have squirrels inside your attic and are hard to trap, you should wait for about 6 weeks when they have reached some maturity then they can be trapped or excluded. It is hard to catch Florida squirrels living in the attic- they may never enter such , even with the best baits.

A squirrel that is cage shy , can only be handled through exclusion method. In this case, you either seal off its entrance and exit points or build an exclusion fence to ensure that the squirrel finds it difficult to locate your home. An exclusion fence may also come with an electrical supply to transmit electrical impulses that can repel squirrels from your home or from the entry point.

Another way you can catch a hard-to-trap Orlando squirrel is to set a repeater trap. You can set a repeater trap right at the edge of the entry and exit hole , and as the squirrel vacates the house, the trap automatically sets even when the squirrel manages to escape. Repeater traps increase your chances of catching an hard-to-get squirrel except the squirrel changes its entry and exit points. A repeater trap must have flanges (wings) on one end, and this ensures that the trap is mounted easily . The trap must also have a spring that repeats its setting along a one-way door . A one way door automatically closes as a squirrel enters, making it difficult for it to escape.

One of the reasons why some Orlando squirrels often become too difficult to trap is that the trap is set on unsecured surfaces. If the surface upon which a trap is set wobbles too much, then a squirrel will not enter , hence you need to ensure that the tension of the trip pan on the trap is set perfectly.

If a Florida squirrel still donít enter into a trap, then you can try and catch it physically with the use of a blanket, thus you need to keep vigil of the time the squirrel is exiting or entering . You need to corner the squirrel , even though it may be difficult and as a trap, you can offer a way of escape which leads into another trap , as you try to cover the squirrel with a large blanket. You need to wear some thick gloves as you try to place a large blanket on the squirrel, and just drop the blanket on the squirrel as if you are trying to catch a fish in the sea.

Orlando rat exterminator specializes in rodent control, but also performs other wildlife removal services like Orlando squirrel removal. I primarily remove animals from attics of homes. This can include not only rats, but other Orlando rodents, such as mice. There isn't as much Orlando mouse extermination as there are rats, but mice do exist in FL. I also remove Orlando squirrels and Orlando raccoon from attics with the same care and expertise as I use for rats - find the entry holes, seal them shut, trap and remove the animals. I am very humane to wildlife, and I won't rest until your problem is solved correctly. Not all Orlando exterminater companies are the same. Please call me at 407-641-0840 with any questions you have about Orlando squirrels.
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