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Orlando Exterminator - Mouse Removal & Control

Mice are a common nuisance critter nationwide. However, here in Orlando, they're not terribly common. Rats are far more prevalent. I only made this web page because many people believe that they have a mouse infestation - and you might - but more than likely, it's rats. Regardless, the method of control is the same:
  • Inspect the house - find out how the mice are getting inside.
  • Seal shut, with steel, every last mouse entry point.
  • Trap and remove all of the mice with dozens of strategically set mouse traps.
  • Remove trapped mice until there are no more and no fresh signs of activity.
What problems do mice cause? Mice are pretty much the same as rats, except they're smaller. There are subtle differences - such as the fact that mice are a little more bold and rats are a little more shy and cowardly, and some other subtle biological differences in reproduction and such, but the pest experience is similar. They are great climbers, they are nocturnal, they chew, and they can be heard scurrying around at night. The main differences when it comes to wildlife control is that mice can fit into smaller areas, and thus even the tiniest of openings must be addressed. In addition, because they're smaller, they make less noise, and thus might go undetected by the homeowner, whereas rats are more noticeable.

Rat or mouse? 98% of the calls in Orlando are in fact rats. People often see baby or juvenile roof rats and think it's mice. And also, many people don't like the idea of or even the word "rat", so they call the rodent a mouse instead, to feel better. However, mice are actually very rare. I've only seen a few mouse cases in my lifetime. The Apopka mouse problem which pops up every now and then brings in some mice, and I see them here and there, but overall, if you've go the pitter patter of little feet in your attic, it's probably rats, not mice. Whichever it is, we solve the problem the same way, and take care of it permanently.

Orlando rat exterminator specializes in rodent control, but also performs other wildlife removal services. I primarily remove animals from attics of homes. This can include not only rats, but other Orlando rodents, such as mice. There isn't as much Orlando mouse extermination as there are rats, but mice do exist in FL. I also remove Orlando squirrels and Orlando raccoon from attics with the same care and expertise as I use for rats - find the entry holes, seal them shut, trap and remove the animals. I am very humane to wildlife, and I won't rest until your problem is solved correctly. Not all Orlando exterminater companies are the same. Please call me at 407-641-0840 with any questions you have about Orlando mouse removal.
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