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Orlando Exterminator - Bat Removal & Control

First of all, WE DO NOT EXTERMINATE BATS - we humanely remove them from your attic or building - 100% of them, via exclusion methods, and we do not kill a single one. It's illegal to kill bats, and there's absolutely no reason anyone ever should. It's easiest, safest, and most effective to exclude them, alive and flying, than to attempt any kind of lethal bat control method.
  • Residential and commercial bat control.
  • We remove the whole bat colony with 100% guarantee.
  • No bat project is too large - we do hotels, malls, etc.
  • We remove all bats in accordance with state law.
  • We clean up the guano that the bats leave behind.
What problems do bats cause? Bats often live in buildings. When they do this, they are referred to as a maternity colony. The colony is composed primarily of female bats, and they have their young, usually just one baby bat, in the summer. Bats live a long time, and the species in Florida, the Free-Tail Bat and the Evening Bat, usually live more than ten years. Thus, a colony of bats grows in size over the years. If there's just a small group of 20 or less, you might not even notice them. However, if the group gets large, they start to get loud and smelly. You notice the droppings all over your house, and you smell the odor coming from the ceiling or walls. Bats leave behind a lot of droppings and urine, and over time, mold can grow on the droppings and cause lung problems for people. This is of course a health risk and liability in public buildings. We remove all the bats, seal off all the entry points, completely "bat-proof" your house, and clean up and decontaminate and deodorize the waste that the bats leave behind.

What if Bats enter my house, kitchen, lounge etc? Occasionally a bat may go off course and stray its way into your house or work space. DONíT PANIC! Bats are not aggressive creatures and this poor lad may just be disorientated and lost, help it find its way out. Donít let your alarm bells go off. Stay calm and follow these simple steps to remove the bat safely and unscathed.

Firstly, make sure that the bat has not been in contact with the residents of the house; your family, kids and pets. This is a crucial step and the situation must be dealt as potential rabies exposure, a fatal disease unless treated promptly. A Florida bat bite can be very small and may go unnoticed therefore the best option is to capture the bat and test it for rabies. Odds are that the bat will test negative saving you the concern and money.

Bats tend to look really intimidating and big when flying around, but generally they rarely weigh around a couple of ounces. The Orlando bat will tend to fly in a U-shaped path, flying low in the centre of your living room and higher near the walls and curtains. DONíT try catching a flying bat as you may severely injure it and may provoke a bite from it in self defense. The best approach is to isolate the bat, closing all the interior doors and putting towels underneath the gaps, preventing it to crawl down to other rooms. Keep an eye on the bat and donít lose track of it at all times. It will save you the discomfort and headache later on!

Give the bat a way out by opening up a window and dimming the lights. If the bat doesnít exit on its own, itís best to wait until it lands before trying to catch it. Call your animal control department and file a complaint of potential exposure to rabies. The Animal Control Officer will soon show up and take over the situation from there. However, in absolute necessity you can also handle the situation yourself after taking a few safety precautions. Wear long pants and thick leather or similar material gloves. Avoid cotton as most bats can bite through them. If gloves arenít available, use a rolled up t-shirt or other material of similar thickness so you will not be bitten.

Bats will most probably land somewhere they can hang- under upholstered furniture, in house plants or behind curtains. Bats become torpid and vulnerable when on ground as they have a difficult time taking flight from there. So, with a broom or towel gently knock the Florida bat to the ground and carefully place a plastic tub or similar container on top of it. Now, gently work a piece of cardboard under the container trapping the bat inside. Release the Orlando bat outdoors, preferably placing it on a tree trunk or any other elevated spot.

Last step is finding how the bat got itself in your house. For that, inspect your house thoroughly and seal all potential entry points. Inspect behind your chimney, inside your walls and locate any opening and gaps leading to cellars or attics. Changing your furniture setting may help you find that entry point as well.
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