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Orlando Exterminator - Raccoon Trapping

Raccoons are not like rats. About the only similarity is that they are great climbers, they love to live in an attic, they make a lot of noise, they destroy part of the attic, and they leave a lot of waste. Hmm, come to think of it, they ARE like rats. But they are also cute, and methods of trapping are very different.
  • We perform HUMANE trapping and relocation of raccoons.
  • We are sure to find and remove the litter of babies in the attic.
  • Did you know that homeowner's insurance may cover attic cleanup from raccoons?
  • We perform ground-level trapping in addition to attic remova services.
What is the best bait to trap a raccoon? The main function of the bait is to lure the Orlando raccoon into your trap; the good news is that there are several foods that you can use as bait in order to get rid of the Florida raccoons from the attic, chimney, porch or basement. Generally, foods that are sweet and other fatty foods are the best foods that you can you can place inside the live trap in order to lure the raccoons into the trap. You definitely that raccoons are very opportunistic and they will feed on any food that they come across especially if they are in your home. They will destroy your food and also feed on the food meant for your pets; because of their constant destructions, there were techniques that were invented in order to help you get rid of them.

Favorite raccoon baits
With these foods, the raccoons will lured directly into the traps that you have laid for them: Dried bacon- You have to slice the bacons into manageable chunks for it to work; when they have the right sizes the raccoons will be trapped very quickly. Cat food-raccoons also love pet meals and if you use cat food then you are likely to trap them without any difficulties. Fatty food- You can never miss out any fatty food in your home therefore you can use any of the foods to lure the raccoons.

Bait placement
The placement of the bait matters a lot because it determines whether you trap the raccoon or not. The positioning of the bait will be perfect only if it will force the raccoon to fully enter into the trap that is the whole body including the tail and if the bait will encourage the Orlando raccoon to fully engage the set trap.

Type of trap
There are two types of traps that you can use; the one door and the two door trap; if it is a door trap, you have to ensure that the bait is placed right behind the trigger plate for it to be effective. It has to be placed at the center sand away from the walls to prevent the raccoon from getting to the bait from outside the trap. When you are using a two door trap, you have several options that you can use in order to trap the Florida raccoons; you can either hang the bait from the top of the trap or place it behind the trigger plate. You have to be careful though because it is sometimes tricky to correctly position the bait. The baits have to be well secured to prevent raccoons from knocking over the baits, you have to create a trail that will direct the raccoons to the actual bait and finally into the trap.

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