I pride myself on being the best rat control specialists in the state of Florida. My prices are fair, My work is extremely professional, prompt, and thorough, and I guarantee that I will solve your rodent problem permanently. Click here to learn more about my company and philosophy.

Orlando Rat Exterminator - Rat Removal & Control

Not all rat removal or extermination companies are the same! Methods, prices, and quality of work can vary tremendously! I have performed rat control in the Orlando FL area for many years, and I am confident that I am the very best. My company:
  • Is owner-operated. You get Brendan the rat expert at your house, not some careless grunt employee.
  • Is one of the few rat control companies in FL to possess all the correct licensing, as well as the best insurance.
  • Brendan answers the phone and provides same or next-day service, and is always on time!
  • Professionalism and quality of work, from trapping to repairs to cleanup is second to none, guaranteed.
What problems do rats cause? Most of the calls I get are because homeowners hear the rats scurrying around in the attic or walls at night. They might also discover rat droppings or chewing somewhere inside the house. Most of the damage is unseen. Rats are rodents, and thus gnaw. They often chew on electrical wires, which can cause a fire hazard in your home. I've seen them chew on pipes many times, causing leaks, as well as electrical outages. Rats spread several diseases that humans can catch, such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-bite Fever, Salmonella or Leptospirosis from the droppings, and Eosinophilic Meningitis to name a few. They also breed quickly and don't live for very long, and thus often die in the attic or walls, which causes odor problems and flies. The presence of rats can also attract other wildlife, and I've seen snakes and raccoons enter attic following the rat scent.

Why is my company the best? Because rat control is not easy, and I have the most experience and knowledge. The rats that inhabit Orlando FL are Roof Rats (rattus rattus), also known by some as Citrus Rats. They are nocturnal, adults grow to 8 inches long with a 9-inch tail, and they are sexually mature in 3 months and they breed quickly in high numbers. They can climb almost any surface, and enter gaps smaller than 3/4 inch, even adults. This means that they can easily find a way into your house, usually from numerous points of entry from the ground to the roof. My company specializes in permanent rat removal, unlike those other Orlando exterminator companies. Other companies often want to use poison, which will never permanently solve the rat problem. In fact, it'll just result in stinking rat carcasses. I solve the problem for good by stopping the rats entirely - I inspect every square inch of your house and seal shut all entry points permanently, using steel, which rats can't chew through. My repairs are professional and of high quality. I trap and remove all the rats from inside your home and attic, (read about our rat trapper methods) and I clean up and decontaminate the mess that they've left behind. I've performed over 1000 rat jobs, and experience really counts!

Meet Brendan: My name is Brendan, and I am the owner and operator of Orlando Rat Exterminator. I love rat control work, as well as removal of other critters from buildings and attics. Here are some of my credentials:
  • Over five years of rat control experience.
  • Fully licensed by the FL Wildlife Comission and Department of Agriculture.
  • Fifteen years experience with professional home repairs.
  • Attic cleanup and decontaminant specialist.
  • I always answer the phone, listen to your problem, schedule timely appointments, and arrive on time.
  • I treat my customers the way I'd like to be treated.
Please call me any time to discuss your rat problem in Orlando.

  Click the map to the left to see our service range - We service all of central Florida. The northern end of our range is Sanford and sometimes Deltona if the job is larger. We work daily in the Lake Mary, Crystal Lake, and Heathrow area. We service Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Maitland, Winter Park, and College Park. To the west, we service Wekiva Springs and Apopka as well as Clarcona & Ocoee and Winter Garden. To the east, Winter Springs and Oviedo. We of course service downtown Orlando, and the Lake Conway area and Belle Isle, and the southeast side, including the Curry Ford area and out to Stoneybrook. In the southwest we service Metro West and Wintermere, as well as Doctor Phillips and down to Lake Buena Vista and sometimes Celebration & Kissimmee.

Orlando rat exterminator specializes in rodent control, but also performs other wildlife removal services. I primarily remove animals from attics of homes. This can include not only rats, but other Orlando rodents, such as mice. There isn't as much Orlando mouse extermination as there are rats, but mice do exist in FL. I also remove Orlando squirrels and Orlando raccoon from attics with the same care and expertise as I use for rats - find the entry holes, seal them shut, trap and remove the animals. The same goes for Orlando bat removal. I also do Orlando snake removal services. I am very humane to wildlife, and I won't rest until your problem is solved correctly. Not all Orlando exterminater companies are the same. Please call me at 407-641-0840 with any questions you have.

Orlando rat tip of the month: How rats communicate using pheromones - Pheromones are a way that rats communicate with each other, all done using their sense of smell. Using pheromones in their urine, for example, they can communicate with other rats to tell them any number of things. It can be used as a territorial marker, to tell rats of a different group that they’ve entered a habitat already home to another group of rodents. Not only that but the pheromones can be used to tell males when the females are ready to be mated with, and the male urine’s pheromones can even speed up the maturity of a group of females, causing them to become sexually active and reproductive younger. Rats can also tell a number of other things from the pheromones too - what route another rat is traveling, for example, or what they ate, where the nearest food source is, where ‘home’ is, how stressed the previous rat was, whether or not the rat or was a dominant one in the group, etc. There is patch of skin called the olfactory epithelium in the rat’s nose and when the scent of these pheromones flows past them, multiple smell receptors get to work, triggering euro-reactions which tell the brain information to help the rat. If you have encountered a rat in your home, getting rid of the urine left behind by the animal with a strong antibacterial and enzyme-busting cleaner is the only way forward. Any trace of the urine left behind will attract other rodents and in turn, it could even attract other, potentially bigger, wild animals.

Orlando rat tip of the month: Control rodents in attic - Attics are not as difficult to seal off against rodents as one might believe. The attic itself is rarely the problem, though vents need to be patrolled often to ensure they are not damaged. It's true that rodents can enter an attic at the attic level, usually through a part of the roof or through damaged eaves or vents. It is just as possible that a rodent has entered the home at ground level and made its way through the walls into the dark, quiet space above the home. Rodents are not ignorant animals and will distance themselves as much as possible from the noise and activity of a human household. Rodent control begins outside of the home. Property maintenance and home repairs are the first and most important part of controlling rodents no matter where they are located. Once your attic has come under attack you still need to focus on sealing up the property, but you also need to spend time investigating the attic to find out where the rats are travelling. Rat paths are easy to spot since they are often littered with fecal material, urine, and the marks from body oils. These are the places you want to set up your traps.
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