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Rat Trapper in Orlando FL

We don't use glue traps, or cage traps, or electric traps. We solve the problem permanently with the most effective trap, the snap trap. Yes, this trap is lethal, but it's impossible to live catch and relocate rats. Without their home to live in, they very quickly fall victim to predators. The reason our trapping is effective is because we seal the house shut first, so that no more rats can get in or out.

What's the fastest way how to get rid of a rat in the attic - Even with the advances in technology nothing is simple. Rat removal is no exception. There are a number of ways to get rid of rats in the attic. You can trap them one-by-one and relocate them; you can trap them alive, in groups using a corral method; you can electrocute them, glue-pad them, snap trap them, and poison them. The choice is yours. We never use glue traps because they are inhumane and inneffective. When you look at the most effective and best method of rat control, snap traps are still the number one means of rat removal. Snap traps are reliable and have a proven track record. Newer traps like the electric rat traps have some obvious design flaws and spotty success rates. Poisons are never recommended unless you don’t mind the smell of a hundred dead rats hidden throughout your walls. If you want to keep your rats alive, don’t think the task will be accomplished quickly. Live trapping of rats is a painfully slow process. For quick, efficient removal methods, snap trapping is unbeatable. Not only are snap traps easy to set, easy to bait and easy to purchase, these traps can be reused over and over again. The money you spend on one electric trap will buy you more than enough snap traps and peanut butter to finish the job.
Not all rat removal or extermination companies are the same! Methods, prices, and quality of work can vary tremendously! I have performed rat control in the Orlando FL area for many years, and I am confident that I am the very best. My company:
  • Is owner-operated. You get Brendan the rat expert at your house, not some careless grunt employee.
  • Is one of the few rat control companies in FL to possess all the correct licensing, as well as the best insurance.
  • Brendan answers the phone and provides same or next-day service, and is always on time!
  • Professionalism and quality of work, from trapping to repairs to cleanup is second to none, guaranteed.
What are the types of rat snap traps? - Rats along with mice are some of the most common pests that have infested our homes since forever, these agile little rodents are able to get in through the narrowest spaces and chew their way to our attics, basements and kitchens. So, how does one actually go about removing the bigger of the two, namely rats from the house? Well, the obvious solution is finding a way to exterminate the rodents, while many people get the idea to poison them or use glue traps, although they can be effective at times, in most of the cases they will only present a liability and can inadvertently endanger other animals you have at your home, for example cats or dogs.

Therefore, the best method of removing rats is with the use of properly suited rat traps. There are different kinds of traps out there, some of which even allow the rat to remain alive while trapped, however, the best ones are commonly known as the snap traps. This is due to the fact that they snap shut once the trigger is activated by the rat, they are the ones with the highest rate of success and they will provide you with the best results.

They are mechanical devices that work on a principle of laying out bait on a pressure pad that triggers the jaws of the trap to snap shut once the pressure pad is activated by the weight of the rat. You should be careful when placing them, since some of them are so powerful that you could lose a finger if you are not cautious. They have been around for a long period of time, but today, even more modern versions of the traps have appeared, they are much safer and even more efficient than their predecessors, and in addition, one of the greatest advantages of these traps is that they are re-usable. So you can use a single trap multiple times during the year, whenever you think that there are possible rats or mice around.

Metal pedal rat traps or tomcat heavy duty rat traps are some of the most commonly used types of traps. They all guarantee efficiency and safety; you can set them safely and even change the bait without worrying about activating them. One more perk of using traps to get rid of rats is that this is probably a lot more humane than using poison or glue. Because both poison and glue can cause the rat’s death to be painful and drag on, not to mention that they can die in some corner of the house and then cause worse problems if their carcass starts decomposing. With all this in mind, pick out the snap traps that suit your needs and enjoy the best results.
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